Diversity & Inclusion

    Issued June 8, 2020 

    The North Jersey-Rockland Chapter SHRM (NJ-RC SHRM) membership is both diverse and inclusive. We are comprised of various genders, races, languages, cultures, ages, differing physical abilities, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, marital status, parental status, appearances, class, socioeconomic status, educational backgrounds, and job experiences…to mention just a few. These “diversities” add to the culture and richness of our organization and enhances our ability to value, understand and serve our chapter membership.

    Our Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) initiative is to provide diversity education, information, resources, current trends and best practices that are pertinent and relevant in order to assist our members in their efforts to provide a positive impact within their organization, their communities and in their personal lives.

    As a chapter, we recognize, value, affirm and promote D & I as a strategic component to our mission. This contributes to the richness of our success through the coordination of programs, partnerships, and resources.

    As a diversity leader, I serve in this volunteer position as a resource to provide direction to our members, organizations, and the community. I will be available to discuss any issues, concerns, or dilemmas you may be facing.

    I encourage you to contact me if you have questions, ideas, need assistance, or just want to discuss a diversity related concern. Together, we are challenged to ensure that diversity and inclusion is valued throughout our organizations and communities and serves as a true business imperative within our organizations. We can do this by supporting existing initiatives, serving as role models by valuing and managing diversity and inclusion, providing a forum for D&I related programs and best practices, promoting environments of inclusion, increasing and diversifying our boards, and organizations to reflect the demographics of our state.

    We can accomplish a lot together. For more information, please contact me:

    Anthony Paradiso (He/Him/His)
    VP of Diversity & Inclusion, North Jersey-Rockland Chapter SHRM
    [email protected]

    A little about Anthony:

    With fifteen years of HR leadership experience, Anthony Paradiso have become very passionate about Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in our professional careers, but also in our personal lives.  Anthony is the Founder & President of AllThingzAP, where it is his primary mission for all to be their full authentic self. 

    Anthony is also a Human Resources Business Partner with Industrial U.I. Services and enjoys being on a host of boards and committees, such as the Diversity & Inclusion Director for the Garden State Council – SHRM (GSC-SHRM) and the VP of D&I with the North Jersey – Rockland Chapter SHRM.  Additionally, he is a Bergen County Human Relations Commissioner and part of the YWCA Northern Jersey Racial Justice Taskforce. 

    He also has recently become involved in local politics.  As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, it is important that we have representation and have a sit at the table.  Anthony ran on a platform surrounding the importance of diversity of thought and embracing inclusion.  Everyone should have a voice - regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, their tenure in town, occupation, education, etc. 

    He has written a number of published articles for SHRM, WorkHuman, Workology, Rezoomo, Achievers, etc. and has been quoted in HR Magazine, Namely, Bonusly, HR Bartender, and “Making Work Human," the latest from WorkHuman’s Eric Mosley & Derek Irvine, the pioneers behind the human workplace movement. Anthony has given a number of presentations and lectures about D&I, inclusion, being your authentic self, the importance of storytelling, unconscious bias, employee relations and facilitated workshops surrounding diversity & inclusion that include the privilege walk.  

    ​Anthony’s education includes a BA from Binghamton University, MS in Human Relations & Business, and he is HR Certified.  Serving as a Speaker, Influencer, Blogger, and Educator Anthony is proud to have influenced the industry regarding unbiased and inclusive work environments. 

    Contact Anthony at [email protected], on Twitter/Instagram @allthingzap, www.allthingzap.com, or LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/aparadiso/

    Anthony lives with his husband, Vincent, in Waldwick, NJ along with their Puggle, Lizzie.  They love traveling and love spoiling their nephew and niece, Jonathan & Adrianna.

    Please see the below Diversity & Inclusion Web Links.